Androck free

Run All your Mobile Messaging Apps in one Windows App

Run All your Mobile Messaging Apps in one Windows App

Androck is a windows software able to run Android without emulator (like vmware), the result is a rapid execution of applications like whatsapp and Snapchat.

Androck is ready to use as it's already bundle with Top Messaging Apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder and more.

this software is 100% native, means that it's not using any virtual machine to run Android

this software is super Fast and support keyboard and mouse

this software is out of the box and ready to be used nothing to set or to download



Androck free

User reviews about Androck

  • Hardik Joshi1105699824

    by Hardik Joshi1105699824

    "not working in windows 7"

    not working in windows 7 why give us reason? some time its going hang and full pc is going to stop becauce of this so...   More.

  • mashilosehlako

    by mashilosehlako

    "not working"

    It wont run on my Windows 8 either. Wasted my data downloading this..   More.

  • daniel.a.estill

    by daniel.a.estill

    "Not compatible with Win 7, 32bits."

    Incompatible with Windows 7. A great waste of time downloading, installing and trying to make it work..   More.

  • saro.saso

    by saro.saso

    "It dose not run on windows 7"

    It dose not run on windows 7 neither 8 I don't know about others.   More.

  • ayman.lenoir

    by ayman.lenoir

    "my pc to a smartphone "

    Good software, now i have a smartphone in a re sizable window on my pc.   More.